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Here is a list of dances that have been choreographed by Kelvin, Sam, Kathryn and friends at RED HOT & COUNTRY. NEW DANCES are listed at the top

Our latest dances are available to watch on our youtube channel

{please note - we are having some issues with the links at the moment - if they are not linked directly here - please use the search function on the Aussie step sheets or  KICK IT pages we hope to have this fixed shortly}

2012/2013 Choreography

Break free is a 64 count intermediate dance to Kaylen's Rain song "Outta here" sheet available here

Easily wanted is a 32 count early intermediate dance to Hunter Hayes song "wanted" sheet available here

Always a hoot is a 64 count intermediate line dance to the song by owl city "Good time" sheet available here
(this one is the first non-country dance that Kathryn and Kelvin have choreographed together)

Don't Leave. A video of the dance can be found here and step sheet on Aussie Dance Sheets

Reincarnation ~Kathryn. -  video of the dance can be found here and step sheet on Aussie Dance Sheets

If you can't make money ~ Kathryn.   Video available on youtube here

Makes you wanna dance
~ Kathryn.    Video available on youtube here

You're my vice ~ Kathryn and Kelvin.  Video available here - dancing live to Benn Gunn

All the way down
Baby's Got My Number
Before it's too late
Break My Heart
Burnin' Bridges
Country Proud
Corrina, Corrina
Country Boy
Deuce Coupe
Falling Again
Gypsy Honeymoon
Hearts on Fire
Hearts of Gold
Hillbilly Nation
It's Just Something
It wont be long
Just Us
Lover Lover
Now You're Tonkin'
Ordinary Angels
Planet Country
Pride of Erin
Radio Ranch
River Run
Ready to Roll
Somewhere Somehow
Son Of A Beach
The Best Man
The Ride
Touched by love
Up a creek
Why Am I Still Here?
We Will
We're On A Mission